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For installation, download and data analysis of UDS 2.0 devices use UDS-AT Software.

With the help of

an accident data Recorder 2.0 will turn into a measuring system.

The old Hardlock dongle expired. Prices for switching to the latest UDS-AT software are available from your dealer.

For analysts

UDSmonitor is used for the long-term recording of measured data, and for direct visualization of the actual measured values. The data output is in TXT format with separators of your choice. There are various international number formats integrated. The output frequency is 16 Hz Recording time is limited only by the maximum file size.

UDSmonitor supports Kienzle and VDO UDS device type 2.0. Send us a message, to find out more about availability and prices. A comparison with the standard software family is summarized in the function overview.

The UDS-AT software version 2.0 enables the configuration and evaluation of all UDS-AT and UDS-AT Pro devices.


The accident data recorders from Continental AG, Siemens VDO, Mannesmann VDO, VDO Kienzle and Mannesmann Kienzle are also supported. Optionally, the UDS-AT 2.0 software also enables qualified evaluation of all common DDD data from digital tachographs from all manufacturers.

For prices and availability of the current UDS-AT software family, please contact your specialist dealer. Your specialist dealer will also inform you about current training offers.

For fleets

Data Backup and Preview

This software has been specially developed to provide the fleet manager a quick reference of the most important event data.

The communication component allows

  • a function test and
  • download and
  • deleting

of the data.

The graphical representation of the data read out gives a first impression of what is happening and sets the fleet manager in the position to decide of a further analysis of the stored data. The graphics in UDS-AT Software Basic provides

  • the velocity (smoothed)
  • the distance traveled and
  • the status (operating elements eg brake light, turn signal, ignition, etc.)

over the time axis.

UDS-AT Software Basic support in addition to the UDS-AT also Kienzle and VDO UDS device types 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0.

As of version 1.1, all UDS-AT software variants support the display of stored position data.

For service partners

Installation, configuration, data backup and data preview

For installation of an UDS-AT UDS-AT Software "Service" is required. This modul is the tool for the commisioning and the parameterization of the UDS-AT. Extensive functions for testing the UDS-AT are implemented.

The communication part of UDS-Software "Service" allows, among other

  • the definition of the discrete input signals,
  • the configuration of the CAN bus information,
  • the selection of the installation location,
  • entering the vehicle parameters,
  • the measuring of pulse counts,
  • to set specific parameters,
  • the import of complete sets of parameters and
  • a function test.

The extent of backup and the graphical functions corresponds with that of UDS-AT Software Basic.

UDS-AT Software Service support in addition to the UDS-AT also Kienzle and VDO UDS device types 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0.

For institutions and accident analysts

Data Backup, Data Analysis and Reconstruction

This software product has been specially developed to perform a detailed analysis of the recorded measurements of UDS. Here, emphasis was placed on user-friendly operation in all processing steps. The software allows a rapid assessment of driving behavior and in particular of braking maneuvers, extreme situations, avoidance maneuver, and more. The analysis is supported by interactive zoom features and measurement aids. All the raw data of the recording devices are displayed:

  • Longitudinal, lateral acceleration
  • Wheel speed
  • Angular velocities
  • Rpm (if connected)
  • Status of the operating elements (brake, turn signals, lights, ignition ...)
  • The distance traveled in the recording period
  • ...

For more information, browse our UDS-AT brochure Here you will also find illustrated explanations of the entire UDS-AT system.

For tachograph experts

UDS-AT DTCO Edition enables the expert to carry out a detailed analysis of the speed, acceleration and status of the optional inputs depending on the time or distance traveled. The basis for using UDS-AT DTCO Edition is knowledge of tachographs and accident mechanics.

UDS-AT DTCO Edition is compatible with the mass storage files of all digital tachographs on the market (DDD format). In addition, UDS-AT DTCO Edition also displays the S data from VDO and Continental tachographs.

Key functions

  • Signature verification
  • Languages German, English, French and Italian
  • Evaluation of the speed data (1 Hz) of all digital tachographs on the market
  • Qualified evaluation of the higher resolution speed data (4 Hz) from VDO and Continental tachographs
  • Display and evaluation of the 168h speed data (VDO / Continental)
  • Display of speed, acceleration, distance and optional inputs (VDO / Continental) over time or distance
  • Selection of the data area of interest
  • Interpolation between the measured values using spline method
  • Zoom function in x and y directions
  • Measuring function with cursor
  • Averaging over selected areas
  • Interactive display of all time entries including all driving and rest times.
  • Integrated map for evaluating all stored position data.
  • Create reports with charts and device data
  • XML export function

The correct use of UDS-AT DTCO Edition requires a 1- day training. Send us a message, to find out more about availability and prices.

With the help of the image system add-in for MS-Word the images are quickly selected and sorted. The add-in creates a configurable table. The table includes also fields for automatic numbering and lettering. It is also possible to load the images directly from the table created into an existing image-editing application and to automatically update the table with the changes carried out there. Before sending, the images are compressed with the appropriate configuration.

You can access all functions via a toolbar.

The tool was tested with the 32-bit versions of MS Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Send us a Nachricht, to find out more about availability and prices.

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